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Childrens Hospital

Wine Lovers

The girls are offended and the boys hatch a scheme.

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Season 5

EP 1

A New Hope

When a termite infestation temporarily closes the hospital, the staff must relocate to an American Army base in Japan.

EP 2


When Nurse Dori's son witnesses a murder, Detective Chance Briggs arrives to solve the crime...but he doesn't count on falling in love.

EP 3

The C-Word

A night of entertainment on the base is threatened by a plane crash -- until a survivor offers help. Also, Owen doesn't get stuck in a time loop.

The doctors fight to save the hospital ward that houses ailing imaginary friends and also has great cell reception.

Lola is recruited by an elite, secret government task force, but a ghost from her past threatens to compromise her mission.

Sy's plan for a costumed "theme day" on the base becomes more complicated than expected.

The doctors teach Owen a hard lesson about hair choices; Glenn reveals the secret source of his surgical abilities.

A famous Army hospital critic visits the base on the same day as a scheduled wine tasting.