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Check It Out! with Dr. Steve Brule

Lizard Kisses

An Insect doctor visits the studio and shows Dr. Steve roaches, spiders, and lizards.

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Season 1

EP 1


Dr. Steve learns a few beauty tips, and finds a path to inner peace.

Steve tackles intimacy issues with special guests Jan and Wayne Skylar.

EP 3


Dr. Steve discusses the importance of Family. Plus a look at Sports.

EP 4


Dr. Steve faces his deepest fears.

EP 5


Dr. Steve learns about different kinds of food, and makes a special friend.

EP 6


Dr. Steve goes out on the town to make some new friends.

Season 2

EP 1


Dr. Steve dines on seafood and hides his wallet from a pirate. Carol Krabit reports on the weather.

EP 2


Dr. Steve gets career advice and goes gambling. Doug Prishpreed gives a sports update.

EP 3


Dr. Steve seeks pleasure in all its forms. Brown watches him. Manager of Bottoms Up promotes Bottoms Up.

EP 4


Dr. Steve learns about the universe. Movie Reviews with Terry Bruge-Hiplo. Guest Starring Tim Heidecker and Eric Wareheim.

EP 5


Dr. Steve teaches us about animals. Big announcement from Toad's and Meyer's Super Foods.

EP 6


Dr. Steve learns of a man named Mobin. Sports with Prishpreed and Fortunes with Krabit.

Season 3

EP 1


Dr. Steven Brule and his new co-host Linda Barelli explore the wonder of planes and air travel.

EP 2


Dr. Steven Brule checks out what it means to go to Church and what god is?

EP 3


Dr. Steven Brule checks out what a home is and where some people live.

EP 4


Dr. Steven Brule learns what a Horse is.

EP 5


Dr. Steven Brule finds out exactly what are children and how to raise and train them.

Dr. Steven Brule teaches YOU how to ride around on a skateboard also with cool tricks.