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Blue Exorcist

Black Cat

After the excitement of being promoted to ExWire along with his classmates, Rin is soon disgusted with the heavy load of homework they've been given. Just then, Yukio is summoned for an urgent exorcism mission! The familiar of the Knights of the True Cross has gone berserk, and Yukio has been ordered to deal with the crisis.

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Season 1

Suguro's joint strategy pays off, and the ExWires have success in their sights! But then a gigantic moth demon (chuchi) appears, and attacks Rin the moment he lets his guard down!

EP 16

The Wager

Consumed by the power of the flames during his battle with Amaimon, Rin goes berserk! He regains control of himself once his power is exhausted...only to be captured then and there by the current Paladin, Angel!

EP 17


As the hearing drags on, the Order finds itself unable to decide on Rin's fate, as Mephisto has proclaimed him to be "a weapon for counterattacking Satan." Just then, something happens...!

EP 18


Rin is undergoing training so that he can learn to master his demonic flames. Just then, a giant bird-like demon called Gufu swoops in on him! With Yukio's help, he drives it away, but all of the Cram School members are sent to investigate how the demon infiltrated the academy... Suguro and the others are still investigating when Konekomaru appears, begging for help, with Rin in pursuit. According to Rin, Konekomaru's been possessed by a demon, but no one else can see it. Suguro, mistakenly believing that Rin is attacking Konekomaru, turns on him with hostility!

The Exorcism Cram School students are having a ball with Shima's birthday-based fortune-telling. When they discover that Izumo's birthday is coming up, they hit upon the idea of throwing her a surprise party!

Hordes of demons are spilling out of Gehenna Gate! And these intruders from the "Empty World" are now indiscriminately attacking the people of True Cross Academy Town! Meanwhile, on the roof of the school building, Rin has been rescued by Suguro and Shiemi and is starting to come to. What Rin sees when he awakens is...

EP 25

Stop, Time

Satan has transformed himself into a gigantic Gehenna Gate, and is attempting to absorb all of Assiah by expanding a rip in the dimension. Rin and Yukio, joined by Shura and Angel, attack the gate, but it's an uphill battle against Satan's overwhelming power. Meanwhile, at the school, the exorcists are in a desperate situation, as a myriad of demons attack. Just then, Suguro proposes a strategy for a comeback! But will it work? Rousing themselves into action one last time, Rin and Yukio head toward the gate. To protect their beloved friends, and this world!