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Blue Exorcist

A Game of Tag

The class's latest mission is to search for a "ghost" spotted in an amusement park. Paired up with Shiemi, Rin can't shake off the feeling that he's on a date. They find the ghost, who keeps taunting them and running off, until the mission becomes a game of tag. Separated from Shiemi, Rin is confronted by the King of Earth - Amaimon! When he loses the Koma Sword to Amaimon, Rin finds himself being consumed by the power of Satan...!

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Season 1

EP 18


Rin is undergoing training so that he can learn to master his demonic flames. Just then, a giant bird-like demon called Gufu swoops in on him! With Yukio's help, he drives it away, but all of the Cram School members are sent to investigate how the demon infiltrated the academy... Suguro and the others are still investigating when Konekomaru appears, begging for help, with Rin in pursuit. According to Rin, Konekomaru's been possessed by a demon, but no one else can see it. Suguro, mistakenly believing that Rin is attacking Konekomaru, turns on him with hostility!

The Exorcism Cram School students are having a ball with Shima's birthday-based fortune-telling. When they discover that Izumo's birthday is coming up, they hit upon the idea of throwing her a surprise party!

EP 20


Southern Cross Monastery, where Rin and Yukio grew up, has come under attack by a mysterious assailant! Leaving behind these cryptic words: "I will never forgive anyone related to Satan," the masked assailant escapes...

The assailant has escaped, but the monastery attack case is winding down. Just then, an elderly man calling himself Ernst appears before Yukio. He reveals the secret of Yukio and Rin's birth, as well as what the Vatican did their mother. Shocked, Yukio also begins to harbor doubts about the Knights of the True Cross. Meanwhile, the injured assailant has stumbled into Shiemi's garden at the Supply Shop...

In light of the incidents following the monastery attack, Mephisto is dismissed from his post as director. The Order's Supreme Advisors, the Grigori, are ousted as well, paving the way for Ernst to become Pope. And the newly appointed Preceptor of the Japan Branch is revealed to be...