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Black Jesus

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From the creator of The Boondocks comes the most anticipated comeback in history - Black Jesus. Premieres Thursday, August 7th, at 11p ET on [adult swim].

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Season 1

The gang talks Jesus into coming along on a drug buy financed by Boonie's mom.

Vic vows to remove Jesus from the neighborhood, and hires Lloyd to be his "eyes and ears in the streets" and keep tabs on him. Meanwhile Jesus and the gang find the perfect lot for the garden, only to face instant extortion from local Mexican gangsters.

After being extorted by Mexican gangsters, our heroes are left with no money for fertilizer for their garden, so they must execute a manure heist at the Compton Boarding Stables.

The gang agrees to help Boonie with a yard sale to get more money for child support, even though he swears he paid. His ex, Shalinka, shows up to wreak havoc on the sale and our guys.

The gang is ready to quit the garden when they find the weed in the garden has failed, but they discover an abundance of "miracle" green tomatoes.

As our heroes start bottling and selling their magical green tomato sauce, Ms. Tudi is presented with a unique opportunity to make peace with Vic and the Concerned Citizens of Southwest Central Compton (CCSWC).