Icelandic Ultrablue: The Power of Benthic

Over 45000 feet below the surface of the North Sea lies the Ekman Trench. The seabed of the Ekman Trench holds the source of life as we know it. Micro-organisms within the seabed absorb organic material from the ocean above it and in turn release nutrients back into the sea. This process, called regenerative recycling, results in forming the most concentrated life-sustaining material found on earth. Through a unique system we developed, we have been able to for the first time ever, extract this material in order to make Icelandic UltraBlue-- a simple formula which is guaranteed to increase your natural ability to regenerate cells in the same way simple celled organisms have survived in the ocean for millions of years. Once cellular regeneration in the human body is enhanced, you will see a marked change in health and wellness as well as an increased potency in your immune system, memory and energy levels. Icelandic UltraBlue can truly make a difference in your life.