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Valerie Flame

Dr. Valerie Flame

Dr. Valerie Flame (Malin Akerman). Normally if you're in bed and something's on fire, you're gonna want to put that fire out. But in the case of Dr. Valerie Flame, this is one fire you wouldn't want to put out. You'd want to have sex with it.

Cat Black

Dr. Cat Black

Dr. Cat Black (Lake Bell) is one sexy surgeon and she is getting herself into all sorts of sexy situations this season. It's going to be really sexy. Sexy.

Blake Downs

Dr. Blake Downs

Dr. Blake Downs (Rob Corddry). A prominent member of the Clown race, Dr. Blake uses the healing power of laughter to help his patients. Like most clowns, he takes himself pretty seriously.

Lola Spratt

Dr. Lola Spratt

Dr. Lola Spratt (Erinn Hayes) enjoys two things, being a doctor and looking for love. At Childrens Hospital she does both things frequently.

Owen Maestro

Dr. Owen Maestro

Dr. Owen Maestro (Rob Huebel) is a hot-shot surgeon who is never wrong and is often right. His passion for medicine is only exceeded by his passion for passion.

Glenn Richie

Dr. Glenn Richie

Dr. Glenn Richie (Ken Marino) enjoys long walks on the beach, cruising in his BMW, and jerking off to x-rays. Also, he's a Jew.


The Chief

The Chief (Megan Mullally) is straight-shooting, handicapped and horny. She's been around the block and has the crabs to prove it. Degenerative nerve disorder never looked this good.

Sy Mittleton

Sy Mittleman

Sy Mittleman (Henry Winkler) is the hospital administrator. He struggles daily to win the acceptance of the Childrens Hospital staff. Though his backbone is weak, his weakness is strong.



Creepy paramedic Chet loves working at Childrens Hospital though the feeling isn't mutual. "Why don't people like me?", "Who am I in this great big world?". These are examples of the stupid things Chet says on a daily basis, what an idiot.

Dr. Brian

Dr. Brian

Dr. Brian left Childrens Hospital in 2003 to be a consultant on the TV medical Drama, "Black Hospital." Now he's back to fulfill network mandated racial hires.

Nurse Dori

Nurse Dori

Pregnant Nurse Dori has a lot on her plate. Have you ever wanted to bang a pregnant chick? Well, talk to Nurse Dori cause she has sex with pregnant chicks all the time.

Max Von Sydow

Max Von Sydow

Max works in the Childrens Hospital maternity ward. Max is a jerk and he won a nobel prize. Don't even get him started talking about his Porsche. Though, if you like performance automobiles, you could do worse.

Nurse Kulap

Nurse Kulap

Nurse Kulap brings true meaning to what a nurse should be: big breasted and Asian.

Sir Tinkle Button

Sir Tinkle Button

Tinkle Button is Blake Downs' arch nemesis… and his twin brother. Trivia: He is played by Paul Scheer, Rob Corddry's twin brother.

  • Dr. Valerie Flame
  • Dr. Cat Black
  • Dr. Blake Downs
  • Dr. Lola Spratt
  • Dr. Owen Maestro
  • Dr. Glenn Richie
  • The Chief
  • Sy Mittleman
  • Chet
  • Dr. Brian
  • Nurse Dori
  • Max Von Sydow
  • Nurse Kulap
  • Sir Tinkle Button

Childrens Hospital, a comedy series created by Rob Corddry (Hot Tub Time Machine, The Daily Show with Jon Stewart) and featuring an all-star cast, is based on the Webby Award–winning digital series that debuted on TheWB.com in 2008. Season 4 returns to Adult Swim this summer.

Childrens Hospital is an award-winning facility where happy and healthy children are looked after by doctors who deeply care about them and the overall well-being of their community. That whole sentence was a lie.

In Season 4, Corddry is again joined by a cast of comedic geniuses, including Malin Akerman (The Romantics, Wanderlust), Lake Bell (How to Make It in America, No Strings Attached), Erinn Hayes (Parenthood, Worst Week), Rob Huebel (I Love You, Man; Human Giant), Ken Marino (Party Down, Wanderlust), two-time Emmy® winner Megan Mullally (Will & Grace, Party Down) and Henry Winkler (Arrested Development, Happy Days). Childrens Hospital also won a Comedy Award in 2011 for best Sketch Comedy/Alternative Comedy Series.

Childrens Hospital is Executive Produced by Rob Corddry, Jonathan Stern and David Wain.

with Rob Corddry, Rob Huebel, Erinn Hayes,
Lake Bell, Paul Scheer, June Diane Raphael, and Jonathan Stern

SF Sketchfest is proud to present an evening with the hit comedy Childrens Hospital, and NTSF:SD:SUV, the latest live action show scheduled to join the Adult Swim line up. The cast and creators will be here in person to explain/defend themselves in this lively not-to-be-missed evening of entertainment featuring never-before-seen footage, comedy pieces with the actors and their characters, an audience Q & A and more surprises. Join Rob Corddry, Rob Huebel, Erinn Hayes & Lake Bell of Childrens Hospital and Paul Scheer & June Diane Raphael from NTSF:SD:SUV, along with Executive Producer Jonathan Stern for a night of comedy, medicine and terrorism.

Thursday, June 30, 2011
at 8:00 PM
Marines Memorial Theatre
609 Sutter Street
San Francisco, CA 94102
Phone: (415) 771-6900

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