I don't hear any audio. What's wrong?

Make sure your device isn't on mute or vibrate.

What is Live Stream?

Live Stream consists of original programming from Adult Swim Digital, which includes interactive shows such as FishCenter, Last Stream on the Left, Stupid Morning Bullshit, The Williams Street Swap Shop and more.

Is it free?

Live Stream and selected episodes are free without needing to login. The remaining content, while also free, requires cable or satellite provider verification.

What does the key symbol represent?

The key indicates that programming isn’t viewable until verifying your cable or satellite subscription. A green circle with a check mark signifies that the desired content is now available.

I forgot my cable or satellite provider’s username and/or password. What do I do?

Contact your cable or satellite provider.

What if I don’t see my cable or satellite provider listed?

You may still watch the Live Stream and selected episodes.

Do I need to be connected to the Internet?

Yes, either a Wi-Fi or 4G (or greater) connection.

How will Adult Swim use or share my account information?

Your privacy is important. Please consult our Privacy Policy in the app settings for more information.

How come you don't have more Family Guy, Rick and Morty, or (insert favorite show here)?

Licensing agreements differ from show to show. Consequently each show may have its own unique set of restrictions. We routinely shuffle episodes so there’s always a healthy mix of new and old favorites.

Why is video playback stopping or stalling?

You may be watching over a weak connection. For best results, use either Wi-Fi or LTE.

I don't have an email address. Can I still log in?

Sorry, an email address is required.

I have questions about closed captions. How do I get help?

For specific inquiries please contact:
Kathleen Rodriguez
Corporate Legal Manager
Turner Broadcasting System, Inc.
1050 Techwood Drive, NW Atlanta, GA 30318-5604
Tel: 404-827-3111
Email: IPClosedCaptioning@turner.com

How do I enable closed captioning on this application?

Simply tap the video while it is playing. You will see a button labeled "CC." Tap the "CC" button to turn closed captions on. Tap the "CC" button again to turn closed captions off.