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Hey there,

I just wanted to send over this quick animated bump that I made for you guys. Enjoy it with brevity!

–Zack B.

We treasure brevity.



I made a fish soup yesterday. I boiled potatoes. While they were boiling i peeled the shrimp and put them in the fridge. I poured off the starchy potato water. Then i put more water in the pot (not the smokable kind that would ruin it) and added fish, tomatoes, tomatoe paste, soy sauce, oysters sayce, fish sauce, sriracha, green chillies and diced tomatoes, onions,fresh spinach, and sea weed. It is dank as fuck. Try it out. I would send you some but i cant email food.

-Zobe Wan Kenobi

Thanks for sharing your dank recipe. Many at Williams Street revere soup.


Adult swim network i have a show to pitch but first things first i want only the pure recognition of being the creator no money or anything now of to the pitch my show would be called the interdimensional repair man (jeg) featuring a man who is launched into space assumig he was going to the moon a mishap happened and the entire ship was lost one astronaut survived and escaped the rocket when he emerged he realized he was on a strange plannet (murder plannet) a plannet of killing and nobody having anything a few weeks later he gets a job on the plannet as a repair man he fixes various machiens such as a microwave thats functioning as a normal microwave instead of mutating creatures to death after he fixes it the lady offers to pay him another way (wink) (wink) the episode ends with the woman saying come here handsome and him replying with my name is sheba the episode ends

–Sly P.

If you enjoy the mishaps of an interdimensional traveler who’s knowledgeable with technology try this.


Change.Org Petition: Put Bill Madon's NightTerrors on Adult Swim

Bill Madon's NightTerrors is a perfect fit for Adult Swim! Over the past few years Bill has brought a fresh and unique take to paranormal storytelling on YouTube. We believe his short videos would be warmly received by Adult Swim's audience.

There is a shortage of creativity in the world today. It is too easy to follow the same cookie cutter formulas that worked so mathematically for others. The result is a culture without soul. The current crop of committee-planned viral drivel shoveled down the necks of millennials won't stand the test of time. Bill Madon's NightTerrors represents a break from the gray cloth of conformity.

Younger audiences are seeing through the form-letter corporate swill being spewed on cable television. They see through the big budgets and sexy, paper-thin characters. If cable television is to die, let this be the reason. Bill Madon's NightTerrors is a counter to that trend. It is a show with real heart that feels genuine. It is something that you can connect with, hosted by a man you can relate to.

–Noor E.

Better idea: consider pitching your show here.

Good luck,


Hello, my name is Johnny Carner. I watch adult swim every night because I love every show on there. From American Dad, Family guy, Robot Chicken, and Bob’s Burgers. I just started watching Supermansion and that show is hilarious! I kind of want to know how you guys make these shows and come up with all of these ideas. If you could keep me updated that would be awesome. I was a artist back in the day but slowly stopped for unknown reasons. I use to get so many rewards of my art but it’s kind of sad to know that it all died slowly. I am trying to figure out what I am doing in life still and it’s been a year since I got out of High School. But if you could keep me updated on all the amazing work you guys do I would really appreciate it a lot! If you need anything also feel free to contact me when ever. Keep doing you I love it.

- Biggest Fan Johnny

Get back to your art.


dear fake ass name,

you should definitely buy the rights or w/e for celebrity deathmatch and bring it back to life. i know i would if i were elsinore baker

lots of love. saludos,

–Nadine P.

Resurrecting Celebrity Deathmatch isn’t likely. Try this instead.



Thanks for rerunning episodes of space ghost coast to coast, its one of my favorite shows and I asked for reruns on the [adult swim] youtube channel and I feel like you all listened. That's great public relations right there.

Thanks for keeping me up at night with your amazing shows, and making me dread school the next morning.


Behold Ghost Planet, a never-ending Space Ghost stream.


I Will Walk There For A Job,

I live in Colorado. I love [Adult Swim]. I will walk to Williams St. from Denver on live stream for a job there.

Got it all mapped out!

–Ean C.

This is an interesting proposal. Send a demo of you walking around town.


Swimwear and how to be in there,

So, my couch has loose lips. Kinda why i trust her with my cheeks. She wants to know why I’m not around as much. I told her Rick and/or Morty isn't on. She left me for the bookcase. Sucker.


Rick and Morty will return later this year. Maybe that will patch things up.



Hello there I’m writing to say thank you. For what you may ask? For giving me great childhood memories, for introducing great shows like the Boondocks and ATHF, for the hilarious bumps with amazing music, and for hours upon hours of “hilarious” Seth Mcfarlane shows. I’ve been watching AS since I was 5 and have never stopped. As long as AS is still around I’ll still be a viewer. Thanks for the memories.