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Samurai Jack,

Spray paint samurai jack. Thought you guys might like it.

–Shain L.


We sure do.


Dear Adult Swim,

I love 12 oz. Mouse. I never know what's going on and I don't think I ever will, but I'm always high when I watch it so it works out. I need more weed and more of this show. Please send me an 8-track tape of "F-Off" ASAP.



Try it sober. It's even more effective.


Hey guys :)

I wasn't able to get tickets to comic con this year :( any way I can stills attend the adult swim activities you guys have?

–Frankie D.

Frankie D.,

Maybe. We're still hammering out the details. Sit tight.



So I looked at your copyright information on the website, and I saw Futurama was there. I know it's currently on Comedy Central, but do you guys still have the rights to air it?

Also, do you think there is a possibility of Archer being picked up by you guys? You did air the FX series Unsupervised back in 2015.

–Jeremy J.


We have neither current rights to Futurama nor future rights Archer. However, if you seek Archeresque content, try this.


Hey Adult Swim.

My boyfriend Clay won 2Wycked about a year and a half ago. We got everything sorted out and got the car registered last week. I'd love for you to share the photos of the car, it would be even cooler if you credited my photography page.

–Jennifer A.


You are now #1 in the 'hood. Do Carl proud.



Can you do a crossover with Rick and Morty and Gravity Falls?

–Petros B.


VoilĂ .


Hello adult swim,

Love Rick and Morty so I made a cake. I call it World War Meeseeks.

–Jonathan P.


Cupcakes would've been so much easier.


So, the drive in you guys did last year was amazing. It made my crappy year suck a little less (blew out my back and couldn't walk). I'm wondering if you'll be doing it again this year? If so I'm putting in for a day off from work to go. It really made me forget my injury for those few hours and just enjoyed watching AS clips and eating those amazing crepes.

–David P.


A similar experience will be criss-crossing the nation this summer. We'll reveal cities soon. Stay healthy.


Perfect Hair?

Where do I find perfect hair forever? For purchase or otherwise? I need this.

–Russell M.


Have you looked here?


Dear Editor,

I have been a fan for quite some time and I have been meaning to do this. I wanted to write a long letter but I think it'd be better for me not to write a sappy love letter to adultswim, but to just say that I love you all very much. Thanks so much for making me smile and exposing me to some great content over the years. Love you lots.

–Anna H.


Thanks for validating this nonsense.