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How adultswim helps me cope,

I saw that you want input on what show or character that means a lot too us.... well, (not joking) I suffer from depression and ptsd, and when I need to laugh, I watch robot chicken. Thank you, very sincerely.

–Bud J.


No, thank you.


What a Great Show...

Really fast, please check out my show.

Let me know???

–Brian G.


We checked out your show (real fast).

Now you know.


P.S. Polish your delivery and pitch here next time.

A letter from fans of Rick And Morty,

Hi! Me and my girlfriend are crazy fans of Rick and Morty. And yesterday she drew this.

It seemed to me that picture is really conveys the mood of the series, so I wanted to share it with you because my girlfriend would never do it.(even Shia LaBeouf won't help her).

To be honest, I don't even hope that you will read this, but in any case, thank you very much for Rick and Morty.

We strongly believe that Justin and Dan solve all disputes. Good luck to them and more bright ideas!

–Vlad & Vika (her picture)

Vlad and Vika,

Beheaded bear and unfinished horse – truly, the essence of Rick and Morty.


Letter to the Editor,

I remember the first night adult swim was introduced to night owls. I fuckin loved it, had no idea what I was watching at first but it turned out pretty badass. I'm a true veteran, saw the first show and the awesome "commercials" with elderly in the pool.

Dude on a horn was saying "everyone out it's time for adult swim" lol. I saw the first Adventure Time, Metalocolypse, The Oblongs, Robot Chicken...and have been addicted since. I'm 33 now so you can def see how long I've been into you <3. "Don't stop believing, hold on to that feeling!":-

–Daisy L.


Great, now you've put this in my head.


I Made You a Love Letter,

Well not specifically you but the whole company...I guess.


But don't take this as a "LISTEN TO MY MIXTAPE" ad or spam or whatever. It's a fully-fledged love letter to what [adult swim] is. What it means to ME. Your place of occupation and the staff of it are individually and consecutively important to me. You to your boss to your puny underlings crushed beneath the gigantic feet of your theoretical might, I care about every single one of you. Even the janitor, even though they only work Wednesdays and always take the leftovers out of the employee fridge. You can tell all of the employees there that. (or don't I guess...I can't make you.) But yeah, I love what all of you are doing, keep up the good work. I love you...guys.



Thanks for recontextualizing our nonsense – no easy feat.


More streams,

Those short-run series' like '12 oz Mouse' and 'Superjail' and 'Harvey Birdman, Attorney at Law' and shit like that. I saw Drinky up there, Rick and Morty, I see your "rotation" for lack of better terminology, but i urn for more. I also like having the Ventures and 'Off The Air' as non-stop entertainment options when the world stomps on my birthday cake, kills my puppy, and shits inside my pillowcase...

–Frank K


All of 12 oz. Mouse is available. Maybe one day we'll try a Harvey Birdman or Superjail! stream. Until then, catch selected episodes here and here.  


Feel Nice Channel,

I Think The Shorts Of Good Sound With Good Video Or Picture And Sometimes Weird Words Are Very Nice They Are Like When You Are In A Car With The Window Down And It Is Good Outside And It Feels Soft And Nice And You Think About How Well It Is. If It Was Just That All On One Channel It Would Be Feel Nice Channel And No One Would Ever Go Outside Anymore Probably.

–Sam H.


You've mistaken us for this.


Dear Adult Swim´s Elsinore Baker,

Boredom made me highly creative. Enjoy my intellectual effusion.

The Squirrel Poem

Fluffy puffy tail
Sometimes a little bastard
Climbs trees better than a whale
nuts nuts nuts you little bastard
Oh how I miss Rick and Morty

My pleasure.



Genuinely I wonder . . .
If we revealed the Rick and Morty premiere date . . .
Would most people stop writing me?
Alas . . .


Where were you fifteen years ago today?

My brother and I play retro games, reliving the childhood and all that. A few weeks ago -- this may have been three weeks ago? -- we got together and did an N64 night, and he mentioned a new Mobile Suit show on toonami. So we had AS on in the background as we mashed up some old two player, and I happened to glance over and nearly had a stroke:

"Where were you fifteen years ago today?" [or something like that] flashed across the screen and it cut to the lineup for that night with Brak show and Cowboy Beebop. I was into Cowboy Beebop in a serious way, and know for certain I was watching it that night in early 2002!!

Really such a trip. That entire span of time from senior year of high school until now flashed through my mind in an instant, like a time warp. So much has changed, and I suppose a lot has remained the same! It was bittersweet! I hope I'm not getting old!

Love you all!



You're getting old. We're getting old. Let's wither forever.


Squidbillies Predict Trump Presidency?

On one of the episodes of Squidbillies they built a wall around Dougal county to keep out the Mexicans I wonder if Donald Trump is a Squidbillies fan and got the idea to build the wall from that episode.



Best not to speculate. That said, DJT sure loves hats with slogans on 'em.