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Some Photoshop Love For Dr. Steve Brule from Lightfinger,

Here is something I just made that I will hope inspire others.

Thanks for everything!



Consider us inspired.


Dear [AS] HR People,

Should I be at all worried about Max? I am new to some of the streaming content and am not sure if I should be genuinely worried about his state of mind. Does someone regularly check in with him or is this whole thing just a character?

Does he maybe just work too much? maybe not enough??



Max is responsible for much of what makes FishCenter and Bloodfeast so enthralling.

He's also responsible for this.

The man contains multitudes.


Dear Adult Swim Editor,

My name is Joe and I think your doing a great job. I recently decided to start living my dream and produce cartoons in my free time. This is the first installment.

Please forward to your coworkers, particularly the one in charge of programming. I would love to quit my desk job and animate poop full time for you guys.

Also, keep up the great work. Your beautiful.



Share your work with Development Meeting ASAP.


Hello. I recently fell in love with an older woman. Now she's dating some dude named Josh. Will you help me stave off the crippling loneliness?


–Thomas P.


Loneliness is a tonic best sipped in silence. Let it fill your belly.


What you guys got planned for April Fools' Day?

–Jeremy J.


Bringing back Minoriteam. (And no half-assed 20-episode order this time. 40 NEW episodes.)


ToeJam & Earl: Back in the Groove,

Hello! I want to translate text from the game ToeJam & Earl: Back in the Groove, to whom can I apply to translate them into Russian? And Sound?

–Александр А


Мы отправим ваш запрос в команду Adult Swim.


P.S. Передайте привет нашему Президенту.

I Am Bored With My Job,

Hey there...I repair Emissions Test Equipment for a living (I set up a lot of equipment in Atlanta recently). Here in Colorado, life is boring. How do I go about throwing my hat in the ring for possibly working as a voiceover artist for you? I have experience in front of and behind the mic. I am a cynical asshole and have watched your programs for the last 15 years or so. The banter between Sparks and Captain Murphy made me laugh for days. So, why can't I be like a koala bear and crap a rainbow on your airwaves while cramming auditory stimutacs down the throats of the viewing community?

–Z.A. H.


Emissions testing is essential. You are saving the planet. Stay put.


P.S. "Here in Colorado, life is boring." Try Delaware.

Williams Stream,

I recently checked out the Williams Stream on the adultswim website. Is there any specific schedule to the stream?

–Ethan O.


Currently, Williams Stream operates sans schedule. (This may change.) 

Think of it as [as] on shuffle. Wade on in. Discover something.


Rick and Morty funbuild pinball,

Hello guys, me and my girlfriend are huge fans of cartoon. You inspired us to build this pinball, thank you for this cartoon. We just hope that Rick will be proud, just proud...

–Денис Б.


So that's how you use a plumbus.


One Piece,

Really!? You're cancelling One Piece again!? I can't believe this, that's the one show that I absolutely never miss and look forward to watching. I know the series has been dubbed up to about episode 530 or so now. Given one episode a week without considering the various weekends that you'll play a marathon or a movie, you have some 200 plus episodes you could show. Myself and my friends were in shock when we heard the news and we can all say that we all will not be staying up to watch the full showing of Toonami anymore because why should we stay up late to watch a show like Tokyo Ghoul when everyone has already seen the complete run of the series dubbed already.

My group, friends and fellow One Piece fans will all say that you need to make sure you pick up the rights to show the coming seasons as this anime has been a major hit since the first season and is one of the few shows that has a run longer than 25 episodes.

PLEASE do whatever you can to bring back One Piece to us!

–Troy S.


Everything changes, for good, for bad. Toonami Pre-Flight might provide some closure.



I love the adult swim bumps and i like the music that goes with it, and i make beats and think that Adult Swim would like my shizz. I know ur an editor but at least u work there, word can prolly get around if u care . . .but u can check out my stuff here and here.



Hit up Jason DeMarco. If he has time, he'll give your beats a fair shake.



I have been a long time watcher and fan. I remember watching Toonami before adult swim even began, back when there was only Space Ghost Coast to Coast and Toonami Midnight Run. I was 18 or 19 back then, and I remember when ATHF, Sealab 2021, Brak show, Harvey Birdman, Home Movies and all your other programming went. I remember when Saturday was anime night with cowboy bebop, yu yu hakusho, gundam series and what not. What I want to s say is thank you AdultSwim. You have given me and many others hours of entertainment and memories. We love you AdultSwim cause, well haters gonna hate (and probably mad cause they have small dicks.)

–Aaron W.


Your gushing sure took a weird turn.


Thank you guys for what you do,

Rick and Morty is the GREATEST thing on TV! Please stop Eric Andre from destroying the rest of the world's brain cells and having us taken over by the galactic order. His humor is the main reason Trump won the election. PLEASE I beg you from the bottom of my bleeding soul, stop airing Eric Andre and speed up the production of Rick and Morty.

Love always, Dad


I could never please you.