1. Where can I get Robot Unicorn Attack for my iPhone or iPod touch?

You can access the App Store within iTunes (version 7.7 or higher) on your computer, or simply click the App Store icon on your iPhone or iPod Touch. You will need to be running the 3.1 software or higher on your iPhone or iPod Touch. Search for Robot Unicorn Attack under the Games section.

2. What settings will ensure the best gaming experience?

On your iPhone or iPod touch springboard, choose SETTINGS > GENERAL> and choose AUTO-LOCK and change it to 5 minutes or turn it off temporarily to prevent the screen from prematurely dimming or automatically locking.

Use your headphones to enjoy the background music and sound effects, or listen to your own music via the OPTIONS menu.

When not using headphones, remember not to cover the speaker, otherwise sounds will be inaudible.

3. Is there a vibration function?

Robot Unicorn Attack features a vibrate function when the Unicorn dashes or crashes into an object. This feature can be toggle on or off in the Settings Menu.

4. How do I adjust the screen brightness?

On your iPhone or iPod Touch springboard, choose SETTINGS >BRIGHTNESS and adjust accordingly.

About the Game

5. What is Robot Unicorn Attack?

Jump into the steel hooves of a robot unicorn, prancing freely amongst the lush purple grasses and rainbow-strewn backdrops of your wildest fantasies.

Collect butterfly fairies as you go, leaping majestically from platform to platform and dashing through the glass stars that block your path. You have but three tries to realize your dreams of a high score. Use them wisely.

6. How do I play?

Press the Jump button to leap from platform to platform. Use the Dash to extend your jump or to crash through the star obstacles. You may also choose to jump by tapping on the screen and dashing by a swipe gesture by changing the controls in the settings menu in the game.

For more detailed instructions on how to play, refer to the in-game help menu.

7. How can I win this game?

Jump from platform to platform, avoid obstacles or dash through them to continue your wish. The longer you continue the wish, the higher your score.

Technical Issues

8. How can I adjust the music / sound volume?

During any level, you can press the MENU icon, and select OPTIONS to turn on/off the music, sound effects or to play your own iPod music. You can adjust the overall sound volume via the regular iPhone/iPod touch volume controls.

9. The game seems slow, how can I improve the performance?

Try rebooting the device to clear the memory or exit other applications that might be taking up excessive memory to achieve the highest quality of game play.

10. Who produced this awesome game?

The original online version of Robot Unicorn Attack was developed by Spiritonin for Adult Swim Games. Smashing Ideas developed the iPhone/ iPod Touch version.