1. Where can I get Amateur Surgeon 2 for my iPhone or iPod touch?

You can access the App Store within iTunes (version 7.7 or higher) on your computer, or simply click the App Store icon on your iPhone or iPod Touch. You will need to be running the 2.1 software or higher on your iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. Search for Amateur Surgeon 2 under the Games section.

2. What settings will ensure the best gaming experience?

On your iPhone or iPod touch springboard, choose SETTINGS > GENERAL> and choose AUTO-LOCK and change it to 5 minutes or turn it off temporarily to prevent the screen from prematurely dimming or automatically locking.

Use your headphones to enjoy the background music and sound effects.

When not using headphones, remember not to cover the speaker otherwise the sounds will be inaudible.

3. Is there a vibration function?

Due to the delicate nature of internal surgery, vibration has been disabled for this game.

4. How do I adjust the screen brightness?

On your iPhone or iPod Touch springboard, choose SETTINGS >BRIGHTNESS and adjust accordingly.

About the Game

5. What is Amateur Surgeon 2?

As retired surgeon Alan Probe you are given the chance to return to surgery by practising on the colourful and crazy range of patients who come to find you in your retirement home. Your operating table is the bath and your tools are the rusty implements from the previous game, including pizza cutter, car battery and "magic gel".

6. What do I need to do in an operation?

There are instructions / hints showing you the right steps or right tools to use during the operation. A help menu is also provided in case you forget the correct operating procedures.

7. How can I win this game?

You must save all 20 patients in a series of bizarre and dramatic surgeries that include removing a rabbit from a clown, enabling a pig to speak and reanimating the dead.

8. How can I unlock the secret patients?

By scoring all As in all of the regular surgeries in Act 1, you will unlock the first secret patient. By scoring all As in Act 2, you will unlock the second.

Technical Issues

9. How can I save my progress?

Your progress through the game and high scores will automatically be saved after every successfully completed level. When you return to the game you can then continue your game by selecting the Continue Game option from the main menu.

10. How can I pause the game?

During any operation, you can press the "pause" icon at the top right corner.

11. How can I adjust the music / sound volume?

During any operation, you can press the "Pause" icon, and select "Sound" to turn on/off the sound effects, or "Music" icon to turn on/off the background music.

12. Who produced this awesome game?

Both the original online version of the game and the iPhone version were created and produced by the gentlemanly folk over at Mediatonic. They very much hope you like the game.