What is the Adult Swim Bump Builder?
The Adult Swim Bump Builder allows you, member of the general public, to create your very own Adult Swim bump. Write your own copy and select your music, then post it online for all the Internet to see.
Back up a minute...what's a bump?
A "bump" is a showbiz term for the black & white Adult Swim commercials that you see before and after the real commercials. They "bump" up against the show segments, hence the name.
I'm having trouble making my bump. What do I do?
The Adult Swim Bump Builder has a fairly straightforward interface. Enter your text, select your music, preview and submit. If you still cannot get it to work, perhaps the Adult Swim Bump Builder just isn't for you.
Do I own my bump?
Anything that you create using the Adult Swim Bump Builder becomes property of Adult Swim. The end.
How long will it take for my bump to appear on the site?
Time will vary depending upon how the Internet is doing that day. Minutes, not hours.
If I make a really good bump, will it go on the air?
We have not ruled out the possibility.
Can I include objectionable material in my bump?
All the bumps created by the Adult Swim Bump Builder are filtered for content. As such, bumps that include naughty words, personal information (such as email addresses) or other objectionable material will not be posted.
Do you have a catch-all response for any of my other questions?
If you are concerned about the content of your bump or how we plan to use your bump, please consult our Privacy Policy and/or our Terms Of Use.