A lot of people look at writing as some daunting artistic exercise reserved only for the "literati." Well, I'm here to tell you that that's just not true! No matter who you are or what you do, writing can be a wonderful, fulfilling hobby, and more importantly, it can be your doorway to magical realms limited only by your imagination!

What kind of doorway? Well, believe it or not, it's as easy as…uh…okay, so I'm looking through my kitchen doorway right now. So, let's start there. It's not just any kitchen, okay? It's…well, there's some old fried rice in here, looks like… Ah, but how did the fried rice get there? What if it's NOT from some takeout I got a couple of days ago, but instead, someone put it here? Could it have been…A MAGIC WIZARD? NAMED DUMBLEDORE? Oh, wait, not Dumbledore—that's the guy from Lord Of The Rings. But MAYBE it was a LADY wizard, right?

Aha! Not what you were expecting, right? A lady wizard! In tight, very revealing robes, maybe! With full, pouty lips…heaving breasts…dancing a little bit…yeah…wizard lady...

"Come into the kitchen," she says, seductively—oh, using descriptive words like "seductively" is a real good tip for writing, by the way. "Do you want some of the fried rice that's in here?"

And then, her wizard robe falls off her shoulders, but we only see it from the back, from her knees down—like on TV, or from a sexy movie. Whoa. This is getting hot.

Another tip for when you're writing is that it's a good idea to wear either loose pants, or no pants at all, ideally. Hey, you know what? I'm gonna pick this back up in a little bit, okay? I gotta go…take care of some…uh…thing. Something.


So, where was I? Oh, yeah, the wizard woman…Guess I'm sort of done with that now. Uh….so, there are other places writing can take you, too, though! Like I said, it's a doorway! Just like the one to the kitchen, from before! But not a literal door, more of a what's-it-called—a metaphor. Speaking of which, I think I'm gonna go get that fried rice. I'm pretty hungry after all that writing from before. And tired.

So, I guess "go wherever your mind's eye takes you," would be another tip! Whether it's wizards or fried rice or a third thing, you won't be sorry you stretched those creative muscles and let your imagination soar!