We got 'em! What they lack in physical size, these adorable tycoons more than make up for in business influence. This year's list has more than a few surprises, including our oldest baby to date, and more girls than ever before. So without further ado, here are the world's richest babies.

1) Robbie Lopez

Occupation: Founder and CEO of InfanTech Industries
Age: 11 months
Estimated worth: $25 billion

After founding InfanTech six months ago, Lopez is already worth well over 9 figures, following his presentation of the groundbreaking macrochip, a processor too big for himself and other babies to choke on.

2) Baron von Jeffrey

Occupation: Orphan
Age: 10 months
Estimated worth: $900 million

Von Jeffrey became exceedingly wealthy after his parents were killed when their private jet went down over the Pyrenees. The only clue at the crash site was a silver rattle, found jammed into one of the aircraft's engines.

3) Chrissy Lotz

Occupation: Venture Capitalist
Age: 6 months
Estimated worth: $675 million

An investor-baby with a flair for the unorthodox, Lotz sunk millions into firearms manufacturers at key points immediately after mass shootings, when gun and ammunition sales routinely skyrocketed.

4) Tyler Keeler

Occupation: Model
Age: 5.5 months
Estimated worth: $57 million

Already an enormously successful male model, Keeler doubled down two months ago by creating his own line of bibs while hosting Baby Project Runway.

5) Donald Trump

Occupation: Real Estate Mogul
Age: 792 months
Estimated worth: $7 billion

After making millions from inheriting his daddy's business, Trump—who likes when people call him "The Donald"—is famous for his silly opinions and public temper tantrums.

6) Madison Bainbright

Occupation: Heiress
Age: 17 months
Estimated worth: $2 billion

Heiress to the Bainbright fortune, Bainbright broke away from the other babies and increased her fortune tenfold with a smart investment strategy that included hostile takeovers of NapCo and Crying, Intl, and making them lucrative concerns by laying off half the workforce.

7) Tarvin Singh

Occupation: Sweatshop Developer
Age: 12 months
Estimated worth: $400 million

Even though he just started walking, Singh has an eye for great development sites with ample cheap labor, and his garment factories can be found dotting the shores of China and central Cambodia.

8) Emma Ross

Occupation: Jackpot Winner
Age: 2 weeks
Estimated worth: $327 million

This premature two-week-old is by far the world's youngest Powerball winner, though several infants in Ross' special care unit have alleged that they all went in on the ticket and should have split the jackpot.

9) Molly Palmer

Occupation: Telecom Investor
Age: 5 months
Estimated worth: $19.85 billion

This telecom billionaire is known for her adorable smile and her substantial contributions to right-wing groups including Operation Rescue, the John Birch Society, Gun Owners of America, the Family Research Council, English First, Focus on the Family, the National Right to Life Committee, the Traditional Values Coalition, the National Rifle Association, and the Knights of the New Confederacy.

10) Lucas Finkelstein

Occupation: Chain Owner
Age: 13 months
Estimated worth: $69.2 billion

Finkelstein's chain of Finkelmart stores made this baby fantastically wealthy overnight, as even Wal-Mart could not compete with a rival retailer that openly allowed its customers to shit their pants whenever they wanted.