A sixty-foot sinkhole opened up near a resort near Florida's Disney World theme park, destroying multiple buildings. Here are some of the questions people from around the web are asking about the state's growing sinkhole problem.

Q: Was it part of Walt Disney's vision to build one of the world's most popular destinations for tourists and then laugh from beyond the grave as the ground beneath their feet disappeared?
A: There is no evidence that Disney World was constructed purely so its creator could watch tourists die from the afterlife.

Q: Why couldn't that sinkhole have been 65,755 square miles and peninsula-shaped?
A: You seem to be referring to a sinkhole that would be the exact dimensions of Florida. While the state is often criticized, you should never wish for 19 million people to be swallowed into the earth.

Q: My understanding is that the sinkhole felt menaced by the structures built on top of it and engulfed them under Florida's stand-your-ground law.
A: A sinkhole is a natural phenomenon, not the legally-mandated right to shoot someone who makes you a little uncomfortable.

Q: Did you know that if you re-arranged the letters of the word Florida they become "afro lid"?
A: Not relevant, but nicely and weirdly anagrammed.

Q: I'm already dead at the bottom of a sinkhole. Is there anything I could have done? Been kind of dwelling on this.
A: One should leave any building that seems to be sagging into a sinkhole, but some sinkholes open too quickly for evacuation. There was probably nothing you could have done. Our condolences.

Q: Can Florida solve the sinkhole problems with gun violence?
A: I'm sure someone is trying.