Egyptians have once again taken to Tahrir Square to protest the President and ruling party. Here are some of the questions from around the web about the Islamist regime:

Q: I saw this one. Isn’t it a rerun?
A: While these protests are similar to those of the Arab Spring of 2011, they are being waged against an entirely new government and should not be compared to a re-broadcast of NewsRadio.

Q: Hard to kick that crazy, koo-koo mummy's curse, huh?
A: The recent protests in Egypt have nothing to do with Ancient Egyptian history or the superstitions surrounding it, and you seem to inexplicably have included Sinatra-esque Rat Pack slang in your question.

Q: Isn't protesting against an entire government too much work?
A: Though we agree with you, the work that protesters will have to put in seems to be worth it for a people who is constantly oppressed by their government.

Q: How on earth did a government composed of militant Islamists who never governed before in their lives manage to alienate its people?
A: A number of reasons, including a crumbling economy and unwillingness to share power.

Q: So is this going to be a total democracy now with freedom and all that?
A: Not really. The military is far too invested in the status quo to allow a real people's movement to take root. Someone else will be shuffled into the power positions to mollify the protestors, but the military will still be pulling the strings.

Q: If the Egyptian military can just tell someone to share power, isn't the military really in power? Also, I fell down in my tub, and I am stuck here, in my tub. What should I do?
A: Yes, one of the major concerns is that this situation could turn into a military coup that would possibly result in a junta. As to the second part of your question, since you were somehow able to submit it, we suggest you use the same communication means available to you to contact an emergency service.

Q: It's difficult, but why not let the democratic process settle this in the August 11th elections?
A: For one, this is a crisis situation, and Egypt may not remain stable for even that long. Also, you appear to be referring to ballot for the 2013 Teen Choice Awards.