On Monday, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie announced that he had signed a law banning the practice of gay conversion therapy for minors. Here are some of the questions people from around the Internet have about this dubiously effective practice:

Q: I thought Chris Christie wanted a future in Republican politics. How is listening to science going to help him?
A: We too are baffled.

Q: If they ban this, then how am I supposed to un-gay my kid?
A: You aren’t. Let them figure out their sexual orientation on their own, and accept them for who they are.

Q: What’s next? A bill that ruins Santa Claus for children, too?
A: You seem to be suggesting that gay conversion therapy is a delightful part of childhood and not a traumatizing form of brainwashing. You are wrong.

Q: But Chris Christie also vetoed a bill that would have permitted same-sex marriage. How long is this having-it-both-ways bullshit expected to continue?
A: All the way through the 2016 election, unfortunately.

Q: Fine. I’ll just go to Kentucky then.
A: You really are on the run from the right side of history, aren’t you?

Q: What are parents of gay children supposed to do until this is repealed?
A: Love their kids unconditionally. Or is that no longer a thing?