Recent studies have found that e-cigarettes are just as effective as the nicotine patch when it comes to smoking cessation. Here are some of the more common questions people from around the web have about this relatively new nicotine delivery system:

Q: Why do they call them e-cigarettes if you can't send email on them?
A: The "e" in "email" refers to the word "electronic," making these products electronic cigarettes, not email cigarettes.

Q: I have found using the gum, patch, gum, patch, gum method of quitting to be best?
A: Okay, but you are not the only person on this planet.

Q: Aren't e-cigarettes only for robots though?
A: No. They are only for humans and not at all for robots.

Q: I’m making my own e-cigarette out of an old Dell laptop and some chewing tobacco. Do you think it will work?
A: No. You probably shouldn’t try to make your own e-cigarettes.

Q: If e-cigarettes help people addicted to nicotine, what about electronic porn for people addicted to pornography?
A: Electronic porn already exists in large quantities and is not at all considered a cure for that addiction.

Q: Did the study take into account how many people will stop using e-cigarettes the minute they encounter a mirror?
A: No. It remains to be seen if the goofiness of e-cigarettes will cause people to stop using them.