• 5.
    On some parallel planet, "Col. Hunter Gathers and the Invisible Revolution" is the most popular show on television. We want to visit that world.
  • 4.
    Close your eyes and pretend Orpheus, Mace Windu, and Master Shake have formed a supergroup.
  • 3.
    Pete and Billy go together like honey mustard and french fries. You wouldn't necessarily think of putting a heavily injured hydrocephalus-suffering boy genius and a New Wave albino together, but once you have you want to eat them that way all the time. Or maybe we mixed the metaphor too far.
  • 2.
    The only way in which Brock and hard core fanboys are in any way similar is that none of them will ever be able to have sex with Molotov.
  • 1.
    21 and 24 wear winged costumes, answer to a super villain and live in his secret hideout. In other words, they're pro fanboys, living the dream.