• 10.
    Poor Dr. Dugong. All he ever wanted was the secrets of love and caring. But with a face like that, it's probably a secret he took to his grave.
  • 9.
    You might argue that The Nozzle is not really a character. And if you do, you might also argue that you really have a social life. But we already know the truth now, Joykill.
  • 8.
    All of this with just a spray bottle. You should really see what this guy can do with a Swiffer.
  • 7.
    Poor Scott proves the only truism of the Venture universe: The more emotionally stable, the closer to death you are.
  • 6.
    Abraham Lincoln, The Great Unifier, is back to end the conflict of brother versus brother in a purely disgusting (and illegal) way.
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