• 10.
    We don't have a whole lot of experience with secret compounds, per se, but it seems highly unlikely that one would exist on the fourth floor of an office complex. Just saying.
  • 9.
    If your guard robot cannot guard itself from being sexually violated by a skinny dude in tights, it's probably time to go back to the old guard-robot drawing board.
  • 8.
    So, the Henchmen just sit around and play Guitar Hero all day? Trade the butterfly costumes for black hoodies and basically Adult Swim is staffed by henchmen.
  • 7.
    You don't just return the Director's Cut of Working Girl. You keep it and treasure it and let that river run forever.
  • 6.
    It sure seems like The Monarch spends a lot of time asking the wrong people where Dr. Venture is.
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