• 5.
    We were unaware that we'd been killing baby angels all this time. But now that we know, we've got to catch up on a lot of teardrop tattooing.
  • 4.
    We wish we inhabited the sweet, innocuous place Dean calls the world, a place where cops carry sleeping bags, and Dervishes never die.
  • 3.
    CSI is educating a whole generation of psychos about how to better express their psychosis.
  • 2.
    It isn't often we wish we had Hank's disposition, but seeing him hump a hand dryer without any reservations has us reevaluating why we act so cool.
  • 1.
    And many questions were answered at once: Were Hank and Dean really dead? Why did their personalities and bodies seem hopelessly stuck in time? Did Brock ever sport a mustache? Etc.