• 5.
    How was your day, honey? Not great. Brock used the dead bodies of my coworkers to knock me over. That was humiliating. Oh, and I have testicular cancer.
  • 4.
    There are a lot of side benefits to having the strength to break a man's hand with only your sphincter, but the top one has got to be zero hemorrhoids.
  • 3.
    Brock not only protects Dr. Venture and looks out for the boys, but he apparently also has time to lay out in the sun, judging from his tan lines when his tighty whiteys hit the floor.
  • 2.
    As exciting as all of this is, we have to imagine that anyone in the restaurant treated to the sight of a super-villain, his henchmen, a man with invisible limbs and a naked, blood-drenched, knife-wielding dude all leaving the bathroom simultaneously would seriously be reconsidering their choice in dining establishment.
  • 1.
    Molotov is not going to get the safety deposit back on that room.