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    There are some meta-moments where either Steve Schirripa the character isn't so sure about his intestinal eggs or Steve Shirripa the actor isn't so sure about being in a skit about his intestinal eggs. It's not an easy call.
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    Quilts, the window to the soul. Or perhaps the picture-book manifesto embroidered by the soul.
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    Those who have never taken an acting class find this funny because it's so ludicrous. Those who have find it funny for exactly the opposite reason.
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    You really need to watch the whole episode in a sitting, or at least all of the clips back to back to get the full effect here, but Jim and Derrick is perhaps the best example yet of Tim and Eric's prowess in calculated terribleness.

    See the whole episode with optional commentary: Jim and Derrick Interactive
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    In the extended Business Hugs video tape, Grill teaches the Wall Street variation on this, in which one man burns the other's money and touches himself while the other laughs.