• 11.
    We're all having fun here, folks, but remember: while in jail, drink responsibly.
  • 10.
    If you were tasked with creating the ultimate killing machine you probably wouldn’t start with the word "moist," but there you go.
  • 9.
    Our first school dance was exactly like this, if you take out all the violence. And the dancing. And the women. Homeschool was the worst, basically.
  • 8.
    A whole room full of admirers and he runs away. Jeez, Jared, just take the compliment already.
  • 7.
    We're going to assume those penguins are also inmates. You know, for unspeakable penguin crimes.
  • 6.
    This sort of thing is really just another average afternoon for the inmates at this point.
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