• 1.
    Charlton Heston famously walked out of an interview with Michael Moore, yet sat through an entire interview with Space Ghost. By transitive properties, that means that Space Ghost is now an Academy Award winning documentarian.
  • 2.
    So far, Eartha Kitt is the only actress to have played Catwoman that has died. But anyone who saw Halle Berry's rendition died on the inside.
  • 3.
    Steve Allen created the late night talk show. It is fitting that he got to be on the show that pretty much killed it.
  • 4.
    Do you think it's awkward for the rest of the Bee Gees to perform "Staying Alive" now? We mean, even more so, now that it isn't the seventies and their voices are not as good as they used to be and the song has devolved into a generational short hand for the disco era?
  • 5.
    While all of the people on this list are dead, only Timothy Leary had a movie made documenting his death that ended with his head being cut off and prepared for cryogenic storing. There's no joke here. This guy was just really messed up.
  • 6.
    When you create a song as awesome as "Blitzkrieg Bop", you're entitled to as much chocolate-vanilla party cake as you want for the rest of your life.
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