• 6.
    A new staple for the holiday season. This was truly a community effort as we all came together to get this episode out in record time at the end of the second season. You can really feel the holiday spirit flow through it. Reminds me of my own childhood Christmas, especially when Santa's blood splatters across the light bulb. Joy.
  • 7.
    It's one of the episodes that is completely insular. You don't have to know the backstory to understand it fully, and it hits all the major themes of the show: violence, crime, questioning religion, hypocrisy of authority figures and a healthy dose of inside Georgia humor. All of this and a cameo from a naked, guitar-strumming Unknown Hinson. What else do you need?
  • 8.
    It's natural that the Squids would be racist because they're so ignorant. Their hate isn't really a fear-based hate, it's more of a tribal, "us against them" hate. Like hating another university, just because it's not yours. People always want to crap on another school and pretend that it's inferior, when, in reality, most people with an education probably got just as good an education as everyone else. Unless they went to Auburn. Whooo! Go Dawgs!!!
  • 9.
    My contribution these days is as occasional episode editor and DVD producer, but back in 2004, I edited 4 pilots for the series. None of which went on to have anything to do with the eventual pilot for the series as it exists today. As far as my favorite episode, it's probably "Burned and Re-burned Again." I just love Early's song. And you can watch Unknown Hinson sing it here.
  • 10.
    I, myself, am Swayze Crazy and I demand nothing less than as much as Swayze as possible in all of my entertainment.