• 1.
    How awesomely sexist is it that Arcee, the only girl Autobot, is pink? The only thing that could possibly make it worse would be if she transformed into a Dustbuster.
  • 2.
    Did you know there are several paragraph's in the Wikipedia entry for Shockwave that debate the parts used to create the Shockwave puppet used in this sketch? Congratulations, Transformers nerds! You've outnerded Lord of the Rings fans in technical idiocy.
  • 3.
    Some of those Transformers have some sharp edges in robot mode. That's really all we can say about that.
  • 4.
    Transformers were superior to Go-Bots in every way. When Transformers got Dinobots, Go-Bots got the Rock Lords, robots that turned into rocks. Robots. That. Turned. Into. Rocks.
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