• 7.
    The best way to defeat Negative Wonder Woman is to shoot her directly in her Non-Bulletproof Bracelets.
  • 6.
    There's been a lot of debate at the office as to whether Master Chief is a superhero or not. To which we say, the dude has a secret identity, and he has more gadgets than Batman. If he isn't a superhero, we still wouldn't want to mess with him.
  • 5.
    One million of those pesos went directly into that rad bionic mustache.
  • 4.
    Other things Iron Man is horrible at: Painting little Easter eggs. Texting on cell phones. Swimming. Not being a tool.
  • 3.
    Batman eats the Joker's poop in this clip. Which is only fair, because when we saw "Batman & Robin" in the theaters, we felt like we had eaten Joel Schumacher's poop.
  • 2.
    Old sushi. Cheap booze. No apparent job. Meaningless sex. Is it us or is The Penguin a college freshmen?
  • 1.
    Is Eternia like the hottest place in the universe? Everyone runs around wearing nothing but underwear and some kind of Chest Belt thingy. Well, except for Orko, who looks bundled for the frozen tundra. But then, Orko sucks.
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