• 13.
    In the proud tradition of breakfast cereals themed around naval officers and/or talking animals.
  • 12.
    Enjoy this sneak preview of the all-new ending for the upcoming special edition re-re-re-release.
  • 11.
    Nothing makes you feel more like a mature, responsible adult than laughing at a flailing, screaming imbecile. Thanks, Robot Chicken.
  • 10.
    The Death Star's next town hall meeting is not going to go very well. Just a gut feeling, there.
  • 9.
    Look, we can't promise that we wouldn't do the same thing if we had several hours alone with 1980's Harrison Ford. Don’t you judge.
  • 8.
    You know what? Everyone just head home for the rest of the day. We'll continue this calculated manipulation over emails.
  • 7.
    Sometimes the galaxy just isn't big enough, y'know?
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