• 10.
    Discarded girls' toys may have a sad fate, but having boys "hang on" to you so that they may continue to play with you as grown men isn't exactly appealing either.
  • 9.
    Concern over Barbie promoting an unrealistic body image just seems quaint in light of Bratz seeming promotion of a realistic whore image.
  • 8.
    A generation of Barbie-and-Ken-toting girls were shocked when they reached the go-down-the-pants age. But not now, thanks to the new Bratz Big Ole Penis Packin' Guyz line.
  • 7.
    There's a subsection of furries that are really into this clip. Furries should really just have their own island or something, shouldn't they?
  • 6.
    Little Orphan Annie taught girls everywhere that money is good and having no parents sucks. You don't just come by that kind of wisdom organically.
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