• 1.
    Did any kid really ever wonder who would win in a fight between Duke and Snake Eyes? It's kind of like wondering who would win in a fight between Dick Tracy and Godzilla. Sure, we'd watch it, but the outcome seems kind of predestined.
  • 2.
    The hardest part of buying a car from Destro is the test drive. He sits back behind you and stealthily plans how he can wrench control from your hands.
  • 3.
    We know it was twenty something years ago, and things were different, but was there really ever a time where the name Snow Job wouldn't immediately be laughed out of the room?
  • 4.
    Why is Superman in a carpool? Can't he just fly there?
  • 5.
    We used to think it was weird that all the bad guys had the hots for the Baroness. Later on, though, we went through puberty.
  • 6.
    Lady Jaye and Scarlett had an ongoing "Who's Gonna Bang the New Guy" contest? Judging by all the open shirts and tight pants in that room, they both lost more often than not.
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