• 11.
    This clip isn't really from Robot Chicken, and it's not really number eleven either. It's the first two minutes of Titan Maximum, the new show from the guys at Robot Chicken.
  • 10.
    Optimus sucks. If there is even a hint that his old friend Jazz could still be alive, he should shoot him in the face. Repeatedly.
  • 9.
    Why would Optimus care about going to a topless beach? What turns a Transformer on? Chrome grills? Spinning rims? Halogen headlights?
  • 8.
    Voltron's got some pretty good moves for a guy that has lion heads for feet.
  • 7.
    How awesomely sexist is it that Arcee, the only girl Autobot, is pink? The only thing that could possibly make it worse would be if she transformed into a Dustbuster.
  • 6.
    We can't even agree on where to eat when there's four people in the car. How can 15 people pilot a damn giant robot?
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