• 6.
    In my four years of writing on this show nothing has moved me as much as this sketch. I laughed. I cried. It became a part of my soul. I only wish we could have gotten the Kirk puppet to make that ridiculous face Shatner makes in the movie when he yells Khaaaaaaan!! Other than that it may be the perfect sketch.
  • 7.
    I love this sketch not only because it confirms my belief that Law & Order truly needs no dialogue, but because at any point during the day I could hear Seth clucking the scenes out to anyone who would listen. Oddly enough, I wrote about four drafts of this before we got to the one we liked. Cluckin' ridiculous.
  • 8.
    This is not the funniest RC sketch. It's not the darkest either. But this sketch does that other thing that RC does really well: it takes the archetypes of something we know and exposes the flaws. It plays as a He-Man parody as well as a parody of all of those b.s. 80's party movie conventions. It represents Robot Chicken at it's best: funny, ridiculous, occasionally subtle and sublime, but always with a liberal application of love.
  • 9.
    This sketch exemplifies what robot chicken is all about- a quick hitter that works on several levels simultaneously in under 60 seconds.
  • 10.
    This is one of those ideas we came up with in the first season, but it has remained my favorite. It's just funny to me to see this epic classic space battle fought in the urban streets of space where your only weapon is your dancing skill. Giant Robots breakdancing? You got my money.