• 1.
    Trying to pick your favorite amongst all your children is hard. But between the look, the performances and the historical accuracy, this sketch is one that I always come back to and show off to people when touting our show. It must be the history major in me.
  • 2.
    A tooth fairy gets caught in a kid's parents' domestic dispute that ends in bloodshed. Three times. It's dark. So dark that when the network saw the script, it scared them and they asked us not to film it. We begged them to trust us, and they did. When they saw the finished sketch they said they'd never question us again. I love it.
  • 3.
    This sketch started as a really simple idea in my head but as we took it to script it got darker and darker and then just wrong and then really wrong but funny as hell. The venomous contempt that this couple displays mirrors the underlying hatred that Seth and I have for one another. Also, it was based on the original series finale of Everybody Loves Raymond.
  • 4.
    When bright-eyed young Seth Green envisioned his acting career, he probably never foresaw portraying a middle-aged pervert AND the talking fabric softener bear the pervert was molesting. But it happened! Still can't believe someone paid us to make this. And that it was actually on the air. And that you're watching it now.
  • 5.
    Nothing could be more suited for the absurd random violence of Robot Chicken than a delicious Gummi Bear. So what could be funnier than a Gummi Bear caught in a bear trap and forced to chew off its own leg? Answer: discovering that the leg tastes delicious! And who can forget Michelle Trachenberg's shrieking Gummi Bear scream?! I can watch this one over and over and laugh every time.
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