• 10.
    When exactly does one cross the line from cute innocent into slutty temptress? And why does nobody in Japan seem to even be aware that a line exists?
  • 9.
    Note to guys: avoid wearing full body stockings until you've lost all ability to function sexually. Really, even then...
  • 8.
    This guy makes faking an interest in Inuyasha look easy. And believe you me, even when it's a job requirement, that is not easy at all.
  • 7.
    Gosh, maybe this whole tentacle monster pornography thing is just another boy-meets-girl story, and not the catalyst for dangerous, sociopathic behavior that we've all reasonably assumed it to be.
  • 6.
    Wait, wait, wait. Okay, even in a nerd's fantasy, hot girls in a shower should not know the plot device of Ranma Nibun-no-Ichi. For that matter, neither should we.
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