• 5.
    "Blood is an energy conductor. I am full of that, all I need is an outlet..."
    The lyrics tell the story of a wrongly accused electrician's craftiness. The video tells the story of a magic demon sticker. Discuss.
  • 4.
    "Biological discordance, birthday equals self abhorrence..."
    A lot of restaurants now sing this when they bring the cake out. It's still embarrassing.
  • 3.
    "Gonna blow White Christmas up my nose..."
    Our mother hired Rockzo for our fifth birthday party. The year we asked for pony rides brought a bit of a surprise too.
  • 2.
    "Revenge... thunder... horse... thunder..."
    Does it seem like Nathan's blaming his horse for his behavior here? Because I didn't see that horse chopping anyone in half.
  • 1.
    "The Duncan Hills will wake you from a thousand deaths..."
    Well, they hit a couple of the major sale points. Not sure "cup of blackened blood" was one of them....