• 10.
    "Doodily ding dong tick tock..."
    Getting pumped to watch a cartoon. For good or bad, we all understand what that means.
  • 9.
    "I longed for pretty things but now that's changed. I long for murder..."
    One girl's innocent and heartfelt desire to murder reminds us all just how precious every moment you're not being murdered is.
  • 8.
    "Now you've graduated, mind is mutilated, thrust into the world..."
    Best men out there - look no further for your rehearsal dinner speech.
  • 7.
    "You've got your tools of business..."
    We're always leaving our guts in our other briefcase.
  • 6.
    "You masturbate on the sheets your mothers clean for you..."
    When Dethklok sings to their fans, you can feel that the hatred is straight from the heart.
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