• 5.
    If you can describe Thanksgiving as rape-like, you either don't understand what rape is or you have had some incredibly horrible Thanksgiving dinners.
  • 4.
    Bobby is really very wrong for holding his Canadian cigarettes in an un-American fashion.
  • 3.
    As goofy as Bobby is dancing in front of a mirror in the garage, we have to imagine that Hank practicing his golf swing with the mirror would be even more ridiculous. Especially when he swings with his hips.
  • 2.
    If this is Hank's ADD talk, we can't wait to see the sex talk episode of King of the Hill.
  • 1.
    You may think Bobby is an idiot for yelling "Let go of my purse" before kicking guys in the groin. But we think it may throw off your opponent for that important millisecond.