• 7.
    Oh, Lenore. White gloves while drinking beer? From the can? Total fashion faux pas.
  • 6.
    The only thing that makes this sadder is the realization that Bill is standing in broken plate pieces as he's eating/chugging his meal.
  • 5.
    It's a long road from High School Football Player to Big Fat Pantload. And that road is paved with a lot of beer. A massive, insane amount of beer.
  • 4.
    Who hasn't dreamed of making out with a woman while their dead husband's ghost wind blows all around you?
  • 3.
    Bill's plan is a little pathetic, but on the other hand, he doesn't own his own tanning bed.
  • 2.
    Is wearing a backpack a gay stereotype? Because that is the one element of Bill's costume we’re just not getting.
  • 1.
    Nice job on the neckerchief, Bill. It's a very discrete match with your ratty, old undershirt.
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