• 1.
    Boss Hoss Heartshe, the great patriarch of Heartshe Holler, has passed away, and the entire town has assembled to find out who will inherit the Heartshe fortune. It is assumed that Boss Hoss Heartshe will bequeath the town to either his beguiling and bewitching daughter Hurshe, or his troubled (yet still beautiful) daughter Hambrosia. But in a surprise turn of events, Boss Hoss Heartshe reveals -- via his videotaped Last Will and Testament -- that he has a secret son named Hurlan! Who has been living inside a wall for decades without any human contact whatsoever.
  • 2.
    Hurlan, now the mayor of Heartshe Holler, discovers that he is in way over his head and the town is almost broke. Forced to make some difficult decisions, Hurlan explains to his sisters that the town budget can no longer support their respective personal interests. Furious, the devilish Hurshe hires Boss Hoss Heartshe's unstable right-hand muscle to murder her brother in retaliation. Meanwhile, Hambrosia -- in a fit of rage -- sabotages the Heartshe Tobacco factory and causes unexpected consequences that will change her life, and the lives of the people of Heartshe Holler, forever. For instance, she has an affair with a pair of ghost hands.
  • 3.
    Hurlan learns that the town of Heartshe Holler has been cursed. He decides to visit his Meemaw to learn the nature of the curse -- and if possible -- how to lift it. Meanwhile, the Heartshe sisters, Hurshe and Hambrosia, continue to plot and scheme against each other, hoping to take over the Holler. And when Hurlan meets with his elderly Meemaw, she explains that she will happily reveal the secret of the town's curse, but only if Hurlan agrees to kill her and put her out of her misery! So he shoots her in the face.
  • 4.
    Hurlan begins to feel that he is not appreciated for who he is, but for the power that he wields. He decides to take some extra time to mingle with the common folk in Heartshe Holler, so that they can learn his true nature. Hambrosia, having failed to eliminate her conniving sister, decides to enlist the aid of a higher power: the Lord. In the meantime, the devious Hurshe convinces the town doctor to assist her with her latest plan to oust Hurlan from power. But will Hurshe and Hambrosia find themselves united against a common enemy? That enemy being a gold robot named NWORD?
  • 5.
    Hambrosia fears that her husband may not be faithful. It turns out that her fears are well-founded, as the enchanting Hurshe has once again utilized her feminine wiles, seducing Hambrosia's husband in her never-ending quest to take over the Holler. Meanwhile, Hurlan arrives at the revelation that he wants to be a physician. Seeking counsel from the town doctor, Hurlan suddenly finds himself with a medical practice of his own when the town doctor decides to retire. And that's when Hurshe stumbles upon her cleverest, most cunning scheme of all: to become pregnant with Hurlan's child! Hambrosia reaches the same conclusion, but gets pregnant in her brain instead.
  • 6.
    In our tale's thrilling conclusion, Hurlan accidentally reveals the secret to the curse of Heartshe Holler to his sister Hambrosia. But when a stranger comes to town, Hurshe suspects that this outsider might in fact enable her to learn the secret of the curse. She confronts the stranger (in her signature Hurshe style) and instructs him to meet with Hambrosia to learn the town's secret. What follows is a series of events so shocking, so unnerving, that to print any details here would be a crime unto itself. And to be honest, we're not really sure what happened.
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