• 10.
    Poor Brian. Getting all of those red blood stains out of white fur is not going to be easy.
  • 9.
    What do you think was on that mix tape? C&C Music Factory? Maybe some Garbage? Maybe some other stuff that people listened to in the nineties, which was the last time when people actually listened to mix tapes.
  • 8.
    Where in the hell was Stewie aiming that drill? In her ass? Any way you look at this thing, this murder plan was pretty well doomed.
  • 7.
    Our childhood memories of "I'm A Little Tea Pot" seem really, really tainted now. We're not sure we can ever think of our spout in the same way again.
  • 6.
    If you're dating someone and they don't even stand as tall as your hips, chances are, they won't be super endowed.
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