• 10.
    How do you re-kindle a childhood friendship when your friend grows up to be the strongest force of evil in the universe? If you're Jar Jar Binks, you do it with remarkably un-endearing high jinks.
  • 9.
    Let's be glad Leia's only hope didn't lie in her ability to use a computer.
  • 8.
    Even Peter can't take away from the cool of Han. And yes, it's good to see the non-revisionist version here - Greedo just deserves to be shot, he doesn't have to shoot first.
  • 7.
    Witness the awesome power of this construction worker's fully operational moustache and hardhat.
  • 6.
    Judge all you want, but it's just different growing up on Tatooine. Womp rats aren't like pets there. Look, you'd find the same behavior in any of the Outer Rim planets.
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