• 5.
    Quagmire is just playing coy. Based on past episodes, he should be right at home lying in a strange bed near a man in a costume wielding a banana.
  • 4.
    Mayor West may be crazy and he might be easily confused and hell, he may even be hidden at the end of a long clip about Peter's magnetic ass, but you have to admit, he is working in that office pretty damn late.
  • 3.
    You often hear stories about politicians pounding young ass, but it's usually a little different than this.
  • 2.
    Fist fights with D.A.'s? Secret trapdoors? Unlimited Taffy??? We’re starting to understand why West left show business for public office. Well, that and the crippling lack of career opportunities.
  • 1.
    This is totally insulting. Dig'Em is not nearly a cool enough cereal mascot. Upon our death, we would settle for no less of a tribute than Pop, the smart aleck member of the Rice Krispies gang.
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