• 5.
    Luckily, Joe has a huge foyer, capable of accommodating even the largest revenge driven fistfights.
  • 4.
    We know this whole thing is really more about principle than economics, but Stewie easily blew the amount that Brian owes him in just the cost of the golf club, bullets and flame thrower fluid alone.
  • 3.
    Nothing warms the heart like the sound of children laughing as they attempt to murder each other.
  • 2.
    One of the best side benefits of this fight is that the Griffin's finally lost their 1985-era stereo system. The cassette deck alone is a few years past retirement age.
  • 1.
    In all of the crazy clips on this list, maybe the most unbelievable part of all of them is that Peter would get so worked up over not being allowed to pay for a check.