• 10.
    When we were kids, we were terrified of the men with wrenches in this video. The fear has now been replaced with the horror of realistically rendered Chris dancing with the singer from A-Ha!.
  • 9.
    In all seriousness, kids, if your dog has dental floss coming out of its ass, don't pull it out. You could cut up their lower intestines pretty bad.
  • 8.
    This clip has the same number of laughs as last season's Saturday Night Live. Enjoy!
  • 7.
    We're not overly familiar with the phrase "hard gas," but it actually sounds worse than murder.
  • 6.
    When the smartest thing you ever do is to use the movie "Event Horizon" in a high-stakes negotiation, the bar is kind of lowered on what the rest of your life will be about.
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