• 5.
    Both me and my wife open the show. My original character design had me decked out in shades and an arm patch and we were going to hire a 1000 animators to build the show in Super High Definition Ultra Max 3D Extreme. However, due to budget constraints and a vague sense of humility we dialed it down a bit.
  • 6.
    My favorite ATHF of all time has to be "The Cloning." The surreal, creepy moments with the possessed television are my favorite television moments of all time that utilize a television. Also, this episode is the first time I ever did a voice on the show. Watch for the very talented muffin man.
  • 7.
    In addition to it being 100 different kinds of wrong, I like that it deals with a very serious subject, but very tastefully: Dog Rapists.
  • 8.
    So many to choose from... But my first favorite was MC P Pants. I not only enjoyed it as a viewer, but it was fun to design and animate a Giant Spider with a talking vagina-mouth. Plus M. C. Chris's rap ditty "I want Candy" is super-catchy!