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    Nothing goes better with bare breasts than rock and roll. Or sometimes hip-hop. All we're saying is that it's hard to imagine a "Gentleman's Club" playing country or classical. Gentlemen fear change.
  • 3.
    With all of the pixilated manhood the Frisky Dingo audience had to endure, it seems the makers of the show tried to even the score with some well-hidden, non-pixilated womanhood.
  • 2.
    Maybe they thought it didn't count because it was green. But it counts. Oh, it counts indeed.
  • 1.
    Debbie topless. Perhaps the holy grail of Adult Swim nudity? When this show originally delivered there was an error on two shots where the items covering Debbie's breasts were rendered on a layer behind them. (Nerdy After Effects layering-speak). Anyway, it was fixed for air but somehow when this clip was converted for the web, the corrupted file was used, exposing Debbie's jiggling, lovingly drawn breathing apparatus.