• 11.
    The challenge for the Aqua Teen writers is coming up with a show premise that is somehow more ridiculous than the show that it's within. So when you cut back to the talking milkshake holding hands with the talking meatball in their New Jersey living room, you feel that you've shifted back to reality.
  • 10.
    Hey, nobody treats the center square like that. Nobody.
  • 9.
    This Eddie Murphy, Martin Lawrence, Tyler Perry vehicle lasted about three minutes before issues with egos led to this all-grunting standoff.
  • 8.
    Some shows are directly helpful to communities, like this one, or the one where they turn depressed, crumbling homes into extravagant wonderlands surrounded by depressed, crumbling homes.
  • 7.
    Most of the puppets out there never really did get over the death of Jim Hensen and it shows in their work.
  • 6.
    Are we saying too much if we tell you that getting the mail is actually the wildest part of our day?
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